Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Where do you work best at home?

I have a small bedroom upstairs that became my
writing room about 10 years ago. It has a small window
that overlooks the backyard, and in the winter and early
spring I can see a rambling creek. Sometimes deer.
In my writing room are lots of built in shelves with
poetry and picture books, biographies, books sent to me
by friends, family photographs and clay castles and turtles
my children made when they were young. This is where
I keep dozens of colorful sharpies, my computer, fax, and
files. It is where I am most hours of the day and night.
Unless I'm with grandchildren. Or in schools. Or at the
movies. Or cooking. (Just kidding on that one.)

What time of day would we find you there?

Early morning is my favorite time. Quiet. That
first cup of coffee. That energetic feeling that I
get when my brain just perks up and thinks it
just might accomplish something.

What is your favorite comfort food while you work?

Leftovers. I love leftovers for lunch. And anything
with noodles or pasta. A little warmed chili, spaghetti,
lasagna. But I also unfortunately like to snack on
Good n' Plenty candy. And sometimes, in the summer,
a few barbecue potato chips! Coffee in the morning.
Tea in the afternoon. And this new juice I am obsessed
with over crushed ice. Juicy Juice Tangerine Orange.
Anytime. And yes, sometimes a sliced apple or red
pepper. If I'm trying to be good.

How does home feed into your work?

Home is where I, like most people, feel safe
and comfortable. I love to nest. I have since I was
a little girl. Love all my treasures close by so that I
can take a moment and stare at them whenever I want.
Family pictures, old books, notes and letters. So all that
seems to calm me. Getting much writing done isn't
easy for me when I travel. Unless it is quick snippets
in my word journal(s). When my children were young
I got in the habit of writing in small snatches of time
while they were playing and coloring and their voices
were my background music. I still miss that. I love the
quiet, but would trade it for those small voices anyday.

Rebecca is a poet and picture book author of such titles as What is Science? (a 2006 Subaru SB&F prize finalist), and Lemonade Sun (an American Booksellers "Pick of the Lists"). Her work is featured widely in poetry anthologies and textbooks. Rebecca promotes children's poetry, giving presentations and workshops to students, teachers, librarians and writers.

Her newest picture book is Bella & Bean.

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