Saturday, April 25, 2009


I've attended a lot of events over the last decade, but the (A)gusta Baker's Dozen in Columbia, South Carolina is at the top. Some folks have worked very hard to make things go so smoothly. And talk about Southern warmth. I feel so lucky to have been asked to participate.

Wish you were here!



  1. Mrs. Holt:
    Last night I was so exited, It was hard to walk to talk with you. Language is sometimes a big wall...but the biggest wall are all your fear. I felt so special yesterday because you knew my name, for the picture, for your smile, for the book. I live two blocks from the library and I couldn't believe it when we were walking in the street. You made me feel so comfortable, proud and important for that moment. Yesterday meant a lot for me. I would like to sent you something to your house. I will post the wonderful picture in my blog !!! I put the poster in my workshop and I will read the book ! I really want to thank you because I won’t forget that little moment, when I beat my fears. I did it ! But I couldn’t do it without you.


  2. Maria,

    It was wonderful to meet you in person. You are beautiful! I enjoyed meeting you and your husband. And I'm so happy that you found the courage to attend that night. Keep dipping your pen in the inkwell.