Friday, April 17, 2009


Congratulations, Pleasant Valley Elementary School of Amarillo, Texas! You are the winner of the second Mitchell-Willis Scholarship. As winner, they will receive a free school visit from me. Named in honor of my grandparents, Henry and J.P. Mitchell and Howard and Zora Willis, I created this scholarship to give back to schools in my backyard.

If you are a Texas Panhandle school(who hasn't had an author or illustrator visit in four years) and would like to apply for the scholarship in the 2010/2010 school year, please contact me at:


  1. Kimberly -- How wonderful. What a gift! I am a firm believer in "give where you live." I am curious, what did the J.P. stand for?

  2. Thanks, Jennifer. My grandmother J.P. was the baby and I guess they ran out of names. She was named after her mother and father--Jane Peter. Although she denied most of the time.

    I went to the post office this afternoon and received your package. Can't wait to spend time reading it. Thank you!

  3. I love the pictures you included--especially the playfulness of the couple on the left. The couple on the right reminds me of pictures of my grandparents--my grandmother was shy in front of a camera, and there was always a dog somewhere. Thank you for sharing, and thank you for the scholarship--what a wonderful tribute to them

  4. The Pleasant Valley staff is elated (we haven't told the students yet)!

    Thanks for the generous gift of your time. We can't wait!


  5. smaileh--Thanks for your kind comments about the scholarship and my grandparents' pictures. Those are my favorite pictures of them because their personalites shine through.

    My grandmother on the left was always teasing. She was 4 feet ten, but lived big. My other grandmother was shy. I showed her that picture on my last visit with her. She smiled and said, "There's that dog."

    Gwen--I'm looking forward to visiting next fall. Thanks for being so excited about winning. It means so much to me.