Friday, August 29, 2008


I usually awake early naturally, but once a week I set my alarm, just in case. That's the morning, I write with Charlotte.

Writing is a lonely sort of job and most days I like it that way. But I know that so much time with my solitary craft is what draws me to coffee shops, and what makes me look forward to my weekly early morning writing session with Charlotte. We are little mice, meeting at 6:45 in the basement of a building where Charlotte works. Sometimes she brings doughnuts. Sometimes I bring bagels. We always bring coffee.

Charlotte is a talented writer who loves words and books. Yes, we talk before we write. We talk about our daughters, our husbands, our dogs. But many times our conversations turn to books or writing, too.

During last week's session, I wrote the beginning of the fourth Piper. Yesterday morning we threw out four words and wrote, using them, for about ten minutes. Some folks might think we're not very productive. But I disagree. By the time we part at 8:00 in the morning, I've had a conversation with one of my best friends, and put some words on the page. And to quote a mutual friend, "I just love Charlotte. She makes me laugh."

And that's a very nice way to start a day.

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