Monday, August 25, 2008


I suppose every town has their rich eccentric. Stanley Marsh 3 is ours. (It's been said that he prefers the 3 because III sounds pretentious.) If you're not from these parts, you might be familiar with one of Stanley's creations--The Cadillac Ranch.

Stanley is also behind another art project that can been seen all around Amarillo. I forget about it until someone visiting us inquires, as my sister did some years back.

"What's with all the signs?" she asked.

Stanley created the signs and offered them to any homeowner who wanted one posted in their yard. They are about the size of a yield sign, but portray a variety of subjects-- Marilyn Monroe in her Seven Year Itch dress on Monroe Street, a mermaid, the Bride of Frankenstein. Just about any image is a possibility.

Some have statements that cause you to scratch your forehead or chuckle aloud--My Grandmother Can Beat Your Grandmother, When Everyone Goes To Different Planets I Will Stay in the Abandoned City, or the one that seems most fitting, Sometimes I think I'm Going Crazy But It's a Happy Kind of Craziness.

I understand he's not making the signs anymore, but most neighborhoods still have a few yards proudly displaying them. These are a couple found around my block.

Note: My Around the Block Monday was inspired by Travis Erwin's My Town Monday. Each Monday Travis blogs about Amarillo.

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