Thursday, August 14, 2008


What does a writer do the day after she sends in a manuscript? Well spend a day doing frivolous things, of course.

Yesterday morning, Shannon returned from meeting a friend for breakfast. She greeted me with five lovely Gerber daisies. "Happy Day After Sending in Your Manuscript Day," she said.

I love Gerber daisies. I love my daughter.

Later we went to lunch at Bakers Brothers and shared a chopped salad. When I dropped her off at her job, I stayed at the book store and spent two hours reading magazines and books. I read a few chapters from a book about Tasha Tudor, but ended up purchasing a couple of others.

So many of the recipes in Katie Brown's Weekends looked scrumptious, but I admit I bought the book for the White Chocolate & Berry Jam S'mores.
(Isn't Katie cute?)

I was also excited to find Larry McMurtry's memoir, Books. Although I have yet to finish the long list of McMurtry's books, I count myself as a fan. Over the years, I've heard quite a few comments from people referring to his crankiness, but I don't believe it for one minute. This is the same man who wrote Lonesome Dove and Terms of Endearment. If you have read either one of those stories, you know this man has a heart.

After book buying, I treated myself to a red velvet cupcake at Village Bakery. Then I wandered into a nearby store. It was the kind of store I don't visit much because they carry items that are expensive and that I really don't need. Twenty minutes later, I walked out with something expensive that I really don't need. At home, I discovered that the knob was not centered, but to me, it adds to its charm. I'm a bit that way myself.

And since I don't want to seem totally frivolous and selfish, Here's Katie Brown's yummy White Chocolate & Berry S'mores:

4 marshmallows
1 8 ounce bar of white chocolate
8 gingersnap cookies
4 tablespoons of berry jam, any kind

1. Toast marshmallows. Place a piece of white chocolate and a marshmallow on one of the gingersnaps.

2. Spoon jam over marshmallows and sandwich with gingersnap.

3. Eat!

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