Friday, September 21, 2007


The clock is ticking. I have two important goals ahead of me this weekend--Finish another draft of the story so I can mail it to my editor and agent on Monday, and finish preparing my presentations. I feel like a tortoise transforming into the hare, trying to make it to the finish line.

Today I received input from two of my friends about the story, and, goodness, their remarks make sense. That means as I read, I have their comments next to me or in my head. Some are details that had nagged at me before, but I wasn't ready to make the change. Other comments give me something new to consider. Whatever makes the book better. So thank you, Charlotte and Jeanette. Thank you, Kathi, too, who also is reading my manuscript.

Penni is my PowerPoint lady--creative and focused on getting my slides right. She's opened a whole new world to me. For years, I resisted changing my old-fashioned slides to PowerPoint. Two years ago, I changed over and threw away my slide carousels. Mainly because a librarian said, "You know, they don't even make these dinosaurs anymore."

That was a scary realization. Now I only wish I'd switched sooner. PowerPoint offers a lot of flexibility and I don't have to worry about the airport security dumping the slides when they inspect my carousel. Why am I so resistant to change when it comes to technology?

Yesterday I searched for the journal I kept in college. I wanted to add it to my presentations. To my surprise, I not only found that journal, but also journals I kept as an expectant mom, a mom, and for gardening. I wrote long letters to friends and family back then, too. So even though I wasn't writing for publication, I was writing. Yesterday's discovery felt so reassuring to realize that I didn't end up here accidentally. I've always belonged to a world of words.

UPCOMING EVENTS: If you live in the Oklahoma City or Atlanta areas, I hope you will consider attending one of my events next week.

Tuesday, September 25, I'll be at the Sequoyah Middle School, speaking and signing. My presentation begins at 4:00 and the signing ends at 5:30. Thank you Best of Books and Sequoyah Middle School for making the event possible. It's open to the public so I hope you'll attend.

Sequoyah Middle School
1125 E Danforth Rd
Edmond, OK

Saturday, September 29, I'll be signing books at Little Shop of Stories at 7 pm. If you live in the area, please stop by and say hello.

Little Shop of Stories
515 North McDonough
Decatur, Georgia

FREAKY MOMENT: Right after I posted this, I realized the date on the page displayed above of my college journal is exactly 29 years ago to the day!!!! How strange is that? Almost as strange as my old handwriting with circle dots on the i's.

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