Friday, September 14, 2007


Life really does keep happening even when I am in the mists of rewriting. That's okay because I'm reminded that I'm a real person when I have to step away from the page.

The morning started with rewriting. Then my assistant, Shaunna, called to update me on my fall travel schedule. We had another week of school visits to add to the calendar. After we spoke, I returned to the novel. I'm trying to get it ready for some of my friends that have graciously agreed to read it next week.

This afternoon I met my friend, Charlotte, for lunch at a Mexican restaurant downtown. I feasted on ceviche with tostados and a conversation about books. Talking about books really is delicious. Charlotte is one of my most well-read friends. It's a delight to hear what she says about literature that matters to her.

Then off to the hair salon I went, manuscript in hand. That's one advantage of being a writer. It's a very portable career. I can fix a dozen awkward sentences while having a root touch-up and a styling. Today my hairdresser told me how he loved going to the book mobile as a boy. Martin said it was the most exciting thing to ride his bike over and check out two books. Hooray book mobiles!

After I left the salon, I still had time for my extra-dry cappuccino with skim milk before my 3:30 caffeine cutoff--twenty minutes. I gulped it down, but it was exactly what I needed to refuel me as I returned to my story. Just as I was about to wrap it up, my daughter called from college. Another conversation about words--Bliss!

Back to work, take-out dinner with my husband, a quick first spin around the block with my new Orange Crush(see pic), and then back to work, again. Jiggity-Jig!

Today was a good example of how writing and rewriting can be sandwiched in between life's happenings. A day of nothing but writing is rare in my life and perhaps yours, too. But we can make the most of those slices of opportunities. They really do add up.

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