Monday, September 17, 2007


Okay. I'm resurrecting Pajama Day. Somehow I forgot its attributes and went astray. Mondays used to be Pajama Day. The idea came to me years ago when I was working on a rewrite for MY LOUISIANA SKY. The day after Christmas I absentmindedly stayed in my pajamas all day, working. The rewrite was going so well, I didn't bother to change the next day either. Or the day after that. I stayed in my pajamas for four days straight.

You are probably getting a picture of me with dirty hair and no makeup. That's an accurate description. I admit it. I did not bathe during that time period, but I did brush my teeth. It's amazing how much work I accomplished. No one bothered me. All right. Maybe there was another reason they stayed away besides my WRITER AT WORK posture. It doesn't matter. I covered a lot of ground.

After that, Mondays became my official Pajama Day. I always work in my pajamas at home in the mornings, but having an entire day spent working in pajamas is a luxury. Wearing pajamas all day keeps my mind focused on the work at hand, it reminds me to keep a playful attitude, and it's just plain comfortable. How could I have forgotten that?

Today I remembered though. Fuzzy slippers, soft camies, cotton bottoms, I'm back!!!!

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