Saturday, September 15, 2007


The morning glories belong to my neighbor, Ms. Texas Smith. I just love saying her name. Texas Smith. With cool days around the corner we won't be seeing those purple beauties for awhile. So enjoy!

Before my signing started, the Panhandle Kennel Club implanted an AKC microchip into Bronte. Later Kaurie told me, "Fifty dogs showed up for it. Only two dogs yelped and your dog was one of them." I felt like I'd picked up my child from kindergarten class and the teacher said, "All the kids had fun today except yours." What can I say? We've spoiled her rotten.

Story time was fun. The first little girl that showed up was named Lillie and when I found out that she'd never been introduced to Kevin Henkes's Lily, well... I had to do something about that. So before I read SKINNY BROWN DOG, I read LILY'S BIG DAY. I only wish my daughter, Shannon, could have been here to read. She's spectacular at reading aloud, but I did my very best at imitating her.

Thank you, Carolanne, for helping me today. Thank you friends, readers and future readers for attending. And thank you, Kaurie, for all your hard work! It was a lovely day.

NOTE: To those of you that are just dropping in for the first time, I'm posting something on this page daily for the month of September as an attempt to answer the question: What is a typical day for you? To celebrate SEPTEMBER DAYS, I'm giving away a book to five people every Monday. So remember to email your name and mailing address on Mondays for a chance to win. I'll announce this Monday's prize tomorrow.

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