Sunday, September 16, 2007


Sunday is usually my day off, but my travel schedule begins the week after next. My goal is to send off my manuscript to my editor before I leave. So this afternoon I rewrote for three hours at a bookstore. I splurged on an Autumn Harvest Breve(I'm not perfect)and headed to my little corner in the art section, the corner with the leather chair that always seems to be waiting for me.

I don't know what I'll do if they ever take that chair away. It's a comfortable leather chair. Maybe it's too comfortable. When I was deep into my revision, I caught myself sitting with one leg slung over an arm. I don't think 47 year old women are supposed to sit that way. Also I really appreciate the little stool next to the chair where I can rest my coffee. Something about that spot helps refuel my rewriting engine. As soon as I sit there, I get with it.

It's like the chair in my bedroom, I accidentally called "my chair," one day when my husband was sitting there, reading.

I corrected myself, "I mean our chair."

He smiled and said, "I know it's your chair and I appreciate you letting me sit here sometimes."

For the last four hours, I've been working on my travel details for the upcoming trips. I try to get the best rates for the kind people who are hiring me. I use my AAA card and hunt down the best flight and car rates. That takes time. I'm not griping. I'm just giving you a peek into this "typical day."

PICTURE NOTE: Remember the nice picture I posted of my office a couple of weeks. This is what happens when I have a manuscript due and and I'm a week from traveling.

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