Sunday, September 2, 2007


Many writers believe you should write everyday, but I believe in taking a day off. For me, that day tends to be Sunday. One of the reasons I love Sunday is that I get the New York Times delivered. At least I'm supposed to receive the Times Sunday morning at my home before 8:30. However that has only happened once. This morning I checked every thirty minutes until 10:00 a.m. No paper. I was annoyed every time I walked outside and scanned the empty driveway. But each time I turned around I discovered Bronte watching me through the storm door. All is right with the world when you have such a faithful friend.

Since I didn't plan to write today, I decided to clean my office. My office gets into a messy state quickly, but I've learned if I clean and organize the room once a month, it only takes a few hours to get it back in shape. About twenty years ago when I was a lousy interior decorator(you have to know how to measure to be a good decorator) I paid someone to help me organize. The cheerful woman arrived with such high hopes until I opened the door to my office. We couldn't see the carpet or the desk.

She swooned, but caught her balance before falling on the pile of fabric sample books. Then her hands flew to her hips. "Everything must come out of this room except for the furniture."

"Everything?" I asked. At that time, her suggestion sounded ridiculous. Wasn't that just transferring a mess to another destination?

The organizer was right though. I felt a surge of energy when I could see the carpet and the cleared desk. We filled sacks with paper and she left after giving me a shopping list of containers I was to buy so that I never got in that situation again.

I'm afraid I did get in that situation again. And again. But she left me with ammunition, because that's the way I tackled my office today. Everything out, I heard her order. All the clutter went into the hallway. Then I listened to a podcast of a Diane Rehm show while I puttered away. Not the most fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon, but I rather like the results. And I can't wait to write tomorrow.

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