Thursday, February 12, 2009


This weekend I learned from C-Span's Book TV that there are thousands of books published about Abraham Lincoln. That's quite overwhelming when you're an educator or parent who wants to teach the importance of one man's life. Where do you begin?

May I suggest Lincoln Shot, A President's Life Remembered written by Barry Denenberg and illustrated by Christopher Bing? When I received a copy this fall I was visiting the Henry Holt offices in New York. My next stop was my annual writer's retreat at the ranch in La Grange, Texas.

There is a table at the ranch located in the great room. On one end you will find poet Rebecca Kai Dotlich working. We've all claimed our corners at the house and that one belongs to Rebecca. On the other end, we place various books that we think might interest each other. The first morning of the retreat I pulled Lincoln Shot from my suitcase and put it on the table.

I was happy and not surprised to discover my pals shared my enthusiasm for the book. The book is beautifully designed. The cover's patina edges invite you to open it. Inside you will find a newspaper format that begins with Lincoln's assassination, then chronicles his life in clearly divided sections, starting with his boyhood.

The book ends with a chronology and an index for easy reference. If you are interested in learning more about Lincoln and are attempting to climb the mountain of books about him, here's a great place to begin.

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  1. Sounds like a great book - I will have to pick it up!