Monday, January 5, 2009


I believe we move towards that which we think about. So I've always kept a notebook with goals and dreams. I read them often to make sure I'm staying focused and revise them when they no longer fit my life plan. But resolutions, resolutions seem like something entirely different. To me, resolutions seem to be more connected with who I want to be as a person, my humanity.

One of Merriam-Webster's definition of the word supports that idea:

res-o-lu-tion: the act of analyzing a complex notion into simpler ones

Of course that could also apply to losing fifty pounds or finishing a manuscript by deadline, but I'd like to think a simple resolution could make huge differences in who I am as human being. So here it goes:

I resolve to be kinder--kinder to others and kinder to myself. It is a deceptively simple resolution. I can't control everything that will happen in my day. But I can choose how I react to it. Although I like to think that I'm a nice person, I've not always chosen kindness. This year I will try harder.

May your 2009 resolution come true.

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