Monday, January 26, 2009


What a morning! Whoever made it possible to watch the ALA awards live by computer, thank you. I'm happy for everyone. It's difficult to write a book and even more difficult to write a great book. Sometimes you feel like slices of you have fallen on the pages. How fabulous when excellent work is honored. That's why I'm glad there are more awards given. It gives more books a chance to be recognized.

Congratulations to everyone that heard their names called this morning. Kathi Appelt is a dear friend of mine. Those of you that follow this blog know she's the reason behind the writing retreat I attend every year. So right now, my buttons are popping, I'm so proud of her and having her book, The Underneath awarded a Newbery Honor.

If you missed my posts where Kathi talks about the process, you can read them again here:

Writing the Underneath: Part One

Writing the Underneath: Part Two

I also want to send a special shout out of congratulations to Laurie Halse Anderson on winning the Margaret Edwards Award. Aside from admiring her work, I will always appreciate Laurie for being so generous with some advice a few years back.

And to Hope Anita Smith for winning a Coretta Scott King Honor for Keeper of the Night Watch. I met Hope years ago because we share the same editor, Christy Ottaviano. I loved Hope's first book The Way a Door Closes. It's so exciting to see what she will do next.

To find the complete list of winners, go to the American Library Association's website

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