Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Saturday I spoke at the Spring Community Book Festival(details coming soon). One of the perks of being booked in the Houston area is getting to see Shannon. Sunday afternoon we went to the movies in the Woodlands to see The Secret Lives of Bees. It was the perfect mother-daughter movie. But then it was first the perfect mother-daughter book.

When we exited the theater, it was as if the elves had been at work. Christmas was going on all around us. Retailer
s always rush to make a huge leap on the holidays, trying to put us in the mood to spend, spend, spend. I have to admit though that the sight of the Christmas tree instantly put me in the spirit of the season. And with the exception of the theater tickets, all I spent was a few bucks for two salted caramel chocolate truffles. Okay. You know me well. And two white chocolate ones.

If only we could keep that season of goodness with us all year long. Yesterday I thought maybe it was possible. The rental car shuttle ride to the airport always seems to be filled with folks in such a hurry that they don't notice others. But that morning several people stood to give up their seat for a mother, grandmother and baby. The baby was sitting on the mother's lap when the stroller started to take a ride down the aisle and toward the door. The driver managed to grab hold of it with one hand. Then a gentleman dashed forward and held it in place until the shuttle made its stop.

Here's hoping you do a good deed and that one comes back to you!

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