Sunday, November 23, 2008


Pie Heaven is located in downtown Little Rock's Market Center. I'd just finished a dinner of eel sushi when I noticed the shelves of pies across the room. There were pies of chocolate, blueberry, strawberry icebox, Key lime, but on the suggestion from a couple of tourists, I chose coconut creme.

"This is our third time back," they said.

That was a good enough testimony for me.

The owner, Joan, told me that the recipe belonged to her grandmother. "She died this year," Joan said. "She would have been 103."

"That's amazing," I said.

Joan smiled. "She was amazing. Once she admired a motorcycle and told the owner she wondered what it would be like to ride one. The owner offered to take her for a spin. And she accepted. She was 70 years old."

Life offers us new adventures and pie. I'll take a little of both along the journey.

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