Friday, July 25, 2008


Where do you write? They wanted to know. It was the end of my presentation at the Author Author event when I received the question. I completely understood why they asked because I'm curious about where other writers do their work. The short story writer, Richard Bausch, writes at his kitchen table with his children nearby. At least that's what I read years ago. I wonder if that's why his parent/child relationships always ring with truth and humor. Christopher Myers told me his father Walter Dean Myers writes first drafts on train rides from the east coast to the west.

Many times I'm driving when a first line comes to me, but I wouldn't say that I "write" in the car. When I'm traveling, I get a lot of work accomplished at airports and on planes. Recently my friend, Charlotte, and I started writing together early one morning a week at the college where she works. Or at least we talk about writing.

Most of my writing gets done in three places: a chair in the corner of my bedroom, a coffee shop(I write in several) or bed. Which is why I love the photo above of Walker Percy. (Photo from The Writer's Desk by Jill Krementz)The subject of writers and where they write is fascinating and probably the reason I bought this book last week--A Writer's Space by Eric Maisel. By the way, where do you write?

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