Saturday, April 5, 2008


The Arkansas Literary Festival proved fun and organized. Every turn I made, someone was offering to help me. Jill Martin drove me to the Author Dinner, then insisted on picking me up in the morning to drive me to the museum where I spoke this morning. Tricia Spione with the museum arrived extra-early to make sure the PowerPoint equipment was set up in the room. Marvel with That Bookstore in Blytheville handled the book signing with ease and grace. Louise Terzia got me safely back to my hotel.

If that wasn't enough, author Alexandria LaFaye and her friend Yvonne took me to lunch and kept me company with industry talk. I even got to hear Jacques Couvillon speak about his book, The Chicken Dance. He spoke from the heart about his journey to getting published, then charmed the audience with a reading from his book. (Since in our picture together, Jacques looked darling and I didn't, I cropped the photo so that my squinty right eye didn't show.)

Thank you Mary Gay Shipley for suggesting me as a speaker and Jennifer Chosich-Hill for all your help. I had a rocking-good time in Little Rock.

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