Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Friday night I spoke at University of Texas with Deborah Wiles and Linda Sue Park. Because I'm fascinated with how other writers come to the page, it was interesting to learn that while Deborah uses a notebook, Linda Sue chooses not to.

"I'd lose a notebook," Linda Sue explained. "Sometimes I write on scraps of paper. But I usually lose them, too."

When I said that I kept a notebook like Deborah, Linda Sue said, "Maybe I should I keep a notebook."

Goodness Linda Sue, whatever you're doing is working. Don't change a thing!

Thank you, Nancy Roser, for inviting me to speak with these smart women.

Saturday at the Texas Book Festival proved equally as satisfying. I spoke on a morning panel with Deborah, again. But this time, Adam Rex and Michael Hoeye joined us. Jennifer Brown moderated by asking us questions about how our work reflected place.

Later at my signing I met up, again, with some nice folks from Kingsville. Thanks, Roseanne for introducing my work to your students.

That afternoon, I participated in a panel with the authors of THE KIDS BOOK CLUB BOOK, Judy Gelman and Vicki Levy Krupp. My cousin Randy surprised me by attending. Randy's dad and my grandfather were brothers. I hadn't seen Randy since I was a senior at L.S.U. He's been busy as a music promoter and being a grandfather.

Other highlights from the festival--meeting up again with Gail Carson Levine, listening to Young Adult authors read at the Alamo Draft House, hearing my husband say, "Lets buy Sherman Alexie's book. It sounds great."

And the nicest sweetest highlight from last weekend--Shannon got a ride with one of her college friends and surprised her dad and me by joining us in Austin. She's the pretty brunette in the pic with my cousin Randy and me.

It was a weekend of books, family and friends.

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