Friday, November 2, 2007


Perhaps the best award a writer receives is observing a child reading their book. That happened to me yesterday at Amy Parks-Heath Elementary School. At the end of day I settled at a table, to sign some remaining books. That's when I heard, "One afternoon a skinny brown dog wandered into Benny's Bakery."

At first, it startled me, because I wasn't used to hearing another voice read those words. Imagine my delight when I discovered the reader was six-year-old Rebecca, who sat on the library floor with SKINNY BROWN DOG covering her lap. It was the kind of moment that gives meaning to what children's writers do. We may write alone, but if we're lucky, our stories will never be alone.

(Amy Parks-Heath Elementary School of Rockwall ISD in Texas won their author school visit by having the most students from their school show up at StarLit. Some of the kids that attended are in the picture above.)

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