Wednesday, August 5, 2009


If I could be Laurie Keller for just one day...I'd start the morning at my local doughnut shop and wait for a glazed with pink sprinkles to talk to me.
I'd walk down the street and listen to the lampposts bend over and tell me what they witnessed during the night. Maybe I wouldn't walk at all. Maybe the sidewalk would move and take me to the grocery store where mangoes and kiwis danced the cha-cha. My head would buzz with funny opportunities all day long.

But alas...I can't even be Laurie Keller for one day. I don't have her zany sense of humor or her brilliant talent for making objects come alive. I will have to be satisfied reading Laurie's books. But that can be a very fun place to be, too.

Tomorrow, we'll fly to a cottage perched on the bank of a lake and visit Laurie Keller as she becomes our next Artist at Home profile.

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