Friday, August 7, 2009


Here are this week's winners. Each will receive a signed copy of Piper Reed Navy Brat.
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If you haven't entered, it's not too late.

Just post a comment below mentioning your first job..

Next week's prize is a signed hardback copy of Piper Reed the Great Gypsy. There will be five winners. If you are an educator, include the name of your school and get a chance at winning a classroom set of Piper Reed the Great Gypsy.

So now, what was your first job?


  1. Well, my FIRST job was as a church nursery worker, and I took the job because they would hire me before I turned 15. It was educational because I learned not only the art of multitasking (feeding an infant a bottle while working a wooden puzzle and keeping a wild little boy from mowing someone over), but I also learned invaluable interpersonal skills (how to delicately tell a mom that her skirt was tucked inside her pantyhose before she raced out to the sanctuary).

    While that was my FIRST job, one of my FAVORITE jobs was working at The Big Texan Steak Ranch during one of my college summers. I loved it because I met the most interesting people passing through and got to play dress up in funky western clothes (all the while knowing that my future, forever, was not wearing cowboy boots and serving fried rattlesnake!)

  2. My first job was working at a local feedstore for the worlds most morally bankrupt man. I'm writing a memoir based on that time now.

  3. Besides babysitting, one summer during high school I began my first real job. I worked at a canning factory inspecting and sorting corn ears as they flew by me on a conveyor belt. By the end of the day I was covered in corn juice and felt as if my face couldn't move, plastered in corn starch. My co-workers were Spanish speaking migrant workers. I didn't speak Spanish but it didn't matter because due to the machinery noise it was so loud inside that you couldn't hold a conversation anyway.

  4. My first job was teaching piano to a neighborhood girl - I was only 12 but I remember a lot about it. So much responsibility! Thanks! alicedemskehansen at

  5. I'm amazed at the various first jobs people held. You've made me smile and laugh thinking of your situations. Corn inspecting, piano teacher at 12, a waitress in costume--fascinating!

    Travis--Your memoir sounds intriguing. Keep writing!

  6. Does babysitting count? I did it my entire 9th grade year for 2-3 hours a day...

    Then in the summer I was a janitor/maintenance person! The following year I graded papers etc for my typing teacher.

    janemaritz at yahoo dot com

  7. I was a sandwich maker for a vending company. They didn't care that I was underage.

  8. My first job: public relations intern for a beer and dairy company!

  9. My first job - a cosmetics model for Clinique cosmetics. I'd have to wear a white coat and walk around with the new product trying to direct customers to the counter. Kinda like the perfume spritzers but without the perfume!

    ~ Jennifer

  10. Worked in a pineapple cannery!