Saturday, June 6, 2009

96...95...I mean 94

The last couple of years I've claimed that my grandfather was 95 years old. When I asked him recently if it was indeed his 96th birthday coming up, he said, "NO!"



It seems my grandfather was born in 1915. So today we are celebrating Henry Mitchell's 94th birthday with a party even though his birthday really was June 2.

Yes, I'm certain of that.

Picture note: (my dad, my mom, me, Pa)


  1. Happy 94th Birthday to Henry Mitchell!! My dad will be 95 in November -- or is it 94? :)

  2. Thanks, Jama. I've been interviewing Pa about his life. Today we sat in his garden while I asked him questions. I just wish I lived closer to him.

    Happy early birthday wishes to your dad!


  3. How sweet! Hope your grandfather had a lovely birthday, Kimberly!
    My grandmother will be 92 this July. And yes, they are a treasure trove of information from "the old days." A few of her memories I've incorporated into my historical fiction work-in-progress.

  4. Thanks, Crystal. Happy birthday to your grandmother, too.