Monday, March 23, 2009


The following is the second letter from Christy concerning this story. In it she mentioned considering cutting out "He's not my dog," in one of scenes. The text in the picture to the right clearly proves that I took her advice. When I first receive Christy's letter, I try to put it away for a while. Sometimes I disagree with some of her points. Often stepping away from her advice causes me to reflect and frequently I end up agreeing wholeheartedly.

And then sometimes I don't. My letter that accompanied the next draft shows that editors and writers are both working towards making the best book possible.

(You will need to double click to view the details of the pages. Please don't copy these pages without my permission. Thank you, kindly.)

The Skinny Brown Dog papers and letter now reside at the de Grummond Collection at the University of Southern Mississippi. There you will also find more drafts of Skinny Brown Dog as well as drafts and letters for Part of Me and Waiting for Gregory.

Next week, I'll share my last letter to Christy concerning Skinny Brown Dog.

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