Thursday, December 18, 2008


When I was seven or eight, my grandparents visited us for Christmas. After they unpacked, they placed our gifts under the tree. As they did, I noticed that my sister's had a tiny tear in the wrapping. I became obsessed with that gift. Each night leading up to Christmas, my family would gather in the living room. I inched my way over to the tree and when no one was looking, I slipped my finger into that hole, making the tear a bit larger. I did this night after night. It wasn't my gift, but I wanted to know its contents. All because of that little tear. The funny thing is that I don't remember what the gift ended up being. I only remember the anticipation of making that tear a fraction bigger each night, hoping for a peek.

Yesterday I received my first pass pages of the third Piper. It's an exciting stage because this is when the manuscript begins to look like a book. The font has been chosen and the illustrations are in place. I can still make changes at this stage so I plan to take it to a coffee shop tomorrow morning and read it slowly and carefully while I sip an espresso macchiato.

The book won't be out until August, but I thought you might enjoy a tiny peek. Let's just say it's in honor of that little girl from years ago who couldn't wait to see what was underneath the wrapping paper.

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