Thursday, October 9, 2008


This sign just about sums up my day in San Diego.

Thank you Mary Hayward from Yellow Book Road for arranging visits to Miller Elementary and Angier Elementary Schools. Most of the students were military kids which meant we had a lot in common.

When I signed their books, I asked them where they were born. They told me Japan, Hawaii, Florida, Maine, Australia, Texas, Virginia, Washington D.C. On and on, they named places that most couldn't remember much about because they had moved while they were very young.

We talked about grandparents. They wanted to know how often I'd see mine growing up. I told them that sometimes I went years without seeing my grandparents because at times, we'd lived overseas. They nodded, understanding because it had been that way for many of them, too. Those students helped me recall what it had been like to be --Kimberly Willis, Navy Brat

Thank you Rebecca Grose, my author escort for the day.

Not only did you get me where I needed to be on time(special thanks to Madge, too), but you gave me a glimpse into San Diego. And oh, what a glimpse it was!

**If you live in the Saint Louis area, I hope you will come see me at the The Big Read on Saturday. For more details, check my schedule page.

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