Wednesday, September 24, 2008


This summer, I fell into a routine of writing seven days a week. I was working on my rewrite for the historical novel, preparing it for the second round with my editor. After I sent in the manuscript, I started the new Piper book and stayed with the seven day pace.

"That's the danger of working for yourself," Jerry said. "You forget to take a day off."

"It doesn't seem like work," I told him. At least most days, it didn't seem like a job.

"Still you should take a day off."

I agree with him. Although I also know the dangers of losing touch with a story, I think it's important to keep a bit of balance in my life.

So after writing Saturday morning, I took the afternoon off and went to the Tri-State Fair.

There are a lot of reasons to go to the fair.

The rides,

the blue ribbon pumpkin

the first prize quilt

the petting zoo

and if you must, the storm shelters

But I go for other reasons:

a corn dog

Tornado Tators(what a nice husband!)

and to seal a nice afternoon off--a funnel cake!

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