Saturday, March 15, 2008


Buenos Dias!

Destination-FDR School

Taxi driver studies map

Hablas espanol?

Un poco

Driver studies map again

Five minutes later-We're off!

Shoe shiners outside hotel

Bicycle carts with ice cream

Police stand guard on every street

Car horns blow friendly warnings

Red Light Circus-jugglers and man selling brightly colored wrapped candy

Towering plumeria tree bending over a fence

Stop for directions


Third floor window washer fanning herself

Small non-airconditioned buses packed with workers

Large airconditioned buses packed with tourists

Giant red Nescafe cup atop an apartment building

Tile mosaic of Inca dancers along the highway

Stop for directions

Pink Hibiscus bush spread against stucco fence

Purple Lantana spilling over a balcony

Blue plumbago, pink oleanders, golden day lilies

Taxi slows, then...

Backs up, backs up, backs up

FDR School, at last!

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